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Ginter Gold Fever?

Inside the mind (scary!) of a Ginter Nut

I love 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter. And I'm here to tell everyone about it. This obsession. I LOVE this set. And my goal, for 16 years, has been to complete it. I collect it all and I will never have enough printing plates, bazooka back minis, EXT's, Autos, Framed Originals (my favorite!), No Number minis, EVERYTHING. I'm currently at 86% of the master set (excluding 1/1's).

I also love building community with other collectors. I have found that many of us "Ginter Nuts" are pretty anti-social media.  So I started this site with that in mind. We've built a small network of passionate collectors who help find different parts of their Ginter collection together and it's been working really well! If you're interested in learning more, if you need help with your Ginter needs or if you just wanna talk Ginter feel free to reach out! Jason

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