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2006 Allen & Ginter Baseball Card Needs! (What are yours?)

Updated: Apr 22

Thanks for taking a look! This is a constantly updated list of cards I’m looking for from the greatest set of baseball cards ever made - 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter :)

If you ever opened anything from the 2006 A&G set and might have something in your collection (and are open to letting something go) please take a few minutes to look through your cards. It would mean so much to me and the collection!

My goals are simple (to say) - complete the 2,344 card master set (non 1/1's and all subsets) and have the greatest concentration of the 2006 set in existence. Here is a better breakdown of everything that was included in the set from Cardboard Connection.

2006 A&G Needs

  1. ANY printing plates - seriously, any of them; any card, any color, etc. LOVE these.

  2. ANY framed originals (1800's buyback cards) - obsessed with these, favorite part of the set. I included some examples below. Some of the original sets would have included; Song Birds of the World, Flags of All Nations, Worlds Champions, Worlds Decorations, etc.

  3. Dontrelle Willis Rip Card - open to either ripped or unripped. Also, open to adding multiples of any of the rip cards I already have

  4. Any one of the personalized postcard 1/1's (long shot but might as well add it to the list) - there were 15 cards. I added a screenshot of them all below.

  5. Any No Number (NNO) back minis - I'm still about 100 away from completion at this point and this parallel set represents the only big gap left in the collection. Would love to make some progress here.

  6. Bazooka Back Minis - only 7 left!

    1. Vernon Wells

    2. Nick Swisher

    3. Orlando Hudson

    4. Jeff Francoeur

    5. Jeff Francis

    6. Richie Sexson

    7. Pat Burrell

  7. 2015 10 year A&G Anniversary Autograph edition on 2006 cards; Bonnie Blair, Greg Louganis, Kerri Strug, Joey Chestnut, Jeanette Lee, Mario Andretti, Mia Hamm, Mark Spitz, Danica Patrick, Hulk Hogan, Wendy Guey and Jennie Finch - open to ANY of these and they’re all numbered to /10

  8. Anything officially signed on 2006 A&G card stock. At all.

  9. Any other promotional items from that year; pamphlets, etc.

  10. Also interested in adding any more autos if someone is selling (I have the auto set but would love to add more if someone is open to selling)

Finally, I also love building community with other collectors. I have found that many of us "Ginter Nuts" are pretty anti-social media. So I started this site with that in mind. We've built a small network of passionate collectors who help find different parts of their Ginter collections together and it's been working really well! If you're interested in learning more, if you have specific Ginter needs you need help with or if you just wanna talk Ginter feel free to reach out at or at one of the sites below.

Blowout - Daddo333

Instagram - GinterGoldFever

Thanks and happy collecting!


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