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2024 Collecting Goals!

Time for some new goals for 2024! I've started to think more about building my collection backwards - what do I want to end with vs. what I just "like" now? What do I love vs. what do I just "enjoy"? Macro goals are my favorite because they help to guide every decision you make and how each one eventually ends up contributing to the master plan. The overarching vision remains the same - build the highest quality and most concentrated collect of 2006 Allen & Ginter cards ever. Acquisition is the main goal for everything. 

I also want to be smarter this year than ever so that the rewards are sweeter. Just when I thought I was focused I am getting even more laser focused. I came up with the goals below to reflect the shift in strategy. Each goals ties to a larger one that I'm also adding to this new list. I'd love your thoughts and for you to share your own goals!

  • 2 of the final 7 Bazookas - Master Set Goal

  • 10 more plates - 2006 A&G Concentration Goal

  • 6 more Archives - 2006 Extension Goal

  • TTM sent to all remaining subjects - 2006 Extension Goal

  • Start GGF YouTube channel - Community and Awareness Goal

  • Plan for/book a booth at The National 2025 - Community and Awareness Goal

  • Self-Fund collecting strategy for years to come - Sustainability (and Happy Wife) Goal

What are your collecting goals this year?

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