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Buying Allen & Ginter Collections!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Recently, I purchased a fairly large Allen & Ginter collection from a true Ginter collector with the help of an awesome auction house. I was able to add some amazing 2006 to my collection and was also able to help out a few of my Ginter Nut friends with their own needs. I'm still trying to unload the rest of it but I think I'll most likely break even in the end. It's a lot of work but there is definitely a ton of fun involved.

I'd love to do it again! If you have a collection you're considering selling, please reach out!

Or if you know someone who might be interested in selling, please send me their way!

Selfishly, I'd love to add to my collection but, in the process, be able to help others as well. I won't be doing it for the profit (There more than likely won't be any) but for the preservation and community that comes from collecting.



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