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Collecting Goals - do you have them?

Everyone is different. Every collector goes about their collecting business in a personal way. There might also be a LOT of similarities. I've found that goals is becoming a more common thread. I'm a HUGE fan of having goals in everything I do including collecting. So, I spent some time writing down why below in case it might be helpful for others. Also, including my goals progress for 2023 as well.

Let me know if you have goals or if you have any feedback on them, thanks!

Why have a goal?

  1. Macro goal with an end in sight helps me focus my behavior and buying habits

  2. What is my limit and threshold? This helps keep me disciplined

  3. Motivates me on the slower days. There are always ways to be more creative to meet a goal.

  4. Motivates me on the lower days. Mentally, collecting can be lonely and depressing, especially when you're really only looking for a niche. Goals are great tools to use to interact with others and, again, think of other creative ways to find treasure.

  5. Helps to give my collection a purpose. I have found that the larger purpose of a collection motivates me. Goals help me find incremental ways of fulfilling that purpose.

  6. Changes my behavior. Huge one. I spent too much of my life stuck in behaviors that were holding me back. Being open to change but finding ways to stay on track are life altering moments. Not to make collecting too big of a deal in a life but it's important to me so the behavioral change associated with it has been special

What do you think?

My 2023 goals are below!

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