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Failing Successfully When Collecting Baseball Cards

Updated: Apr 22

We Don't Always Win. Let's start there.

Inspired by a recent series on Freakonomics about failing successfully and perfect timing from a fellow collector, I wanted to share something we hardly ever talk about on our card accounts. Failure.

This isn't a text you ever want to get. This message came from someone who has been collecting for many many years. They most likely have an impressive amount of bazooka backs, printing plates, framed originals, you name it. They were referred my way by a very trusted source and communications started off great so I was very hopeful. Soon though, this lead went completely silent.

What did I do wrong? I don't know completely. However I know that my style isn't for everyone. That's the truth. I'm an excited, energetic, persistent collector who loves to stay in touch, share wins, suggest trade ideas, etc. Maybe I turned him off with too many updates? He wouldn't be the first one 😂 Generally I think that I present as a helpful and passionate collector but I am pretty extroverted for the general Ginter crowd I have learned.

What are the lessons?

  1. Everyone communicates differently. Be careful about your audience and get to know them before you move too far forward. You HAVE to adjust your style or you will lose the most important part, the card(s). Don't forget the goal.

  2. Accept the loss and learn from it. Don't overreact. The bridge might open up again later given enough time.

I failed. I failed to understand how to communicate with this man who has a WAY different style than I do. And, in the end, I made him so sick of me that I might never get to add anything from his collection. (In all fairness, I probably never would have given his reluctance to part with anything - this is what I tell myself)

But. I'm an unapologetic irrational optimist. This is a blessing and a curse 😅 So the silver lining (of course I have one) about this follows. Like I said before this isn't a message you ever want to receive. HOWEVER, I'd rather know that this is how someone feels instead of just being ghosted. This person spent the time to at least let me know what to expect in the future and that is truly a valuable message if you're open to hearing it. They didn't just ghost me leaving me to my own obsessed devices of communication. Now I can spend more time elsewhere and have closure on this lead. For now.


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