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Happy Ginter Day!

A true Card Collecting National Holiday in my house :) Hope you all find what you're looking for this year. Below are some early observations that I've been discussing with the other Ginter Nuts.

I have two cases to open - will post the hits on this thread!

2022 Allen & Ginter Thoughts

  • This auto checklist is pretty amazing, especially the baseball portion - why did they wait so long to release the checklist??

  • Hate the black borders, makes zero design sense

  • Hate the full-sized autos. This continues to be a Ginter travesty.

  • LOVE the frames on the Framed Originals. That color combo is perfection - well done, Topps designers!

  • The wood minis look great this year - way less grainy

  • Heard about some collation issues again - bummer

Lastly, I love the addition of Stephen Dubner. I lobbied for him to be added last year and I will take credit for his addition 😂 If you don't listen to Freakonomics, you're missing out! I'll be searching for every variation of his card.

Happy Ginter day and happy COLLECTING!

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