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Bounty - 2006 A&G Dontrelle Willis /10 Rip Card (Ripped or Unripped)

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Update - still looking! No new leads, no new info at all. HALP!

Why does this post not have a picture preview? Another one that deserves proof of life! I've never seen one, ever. Maybe it doesn't actually exist??? There are supposedly only 10 of them. 10. In all these years I've never seen one. And I've never even met anyone who has seen one. in 17 years!

If it does exist, and you wouldn't mind proving it, please reach out! Even if just to share a picture. If you're open to selling I'd love to make you a generous offer as well. Lastly, I'd be happy to pay a generous finders fee if you can help me track one down!

Thanks and happy collecting! Jason

2006 Allen & Ginter Dontrelle Willis Rip Card /10

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