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(UPDATE) Secured - Alex Rodriguez Red Ink /10 Autograph

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The search is OVER. I can't believe it.

I started this site in the hopes that someone who isn't on social media would eventually find this site and reach out to let go of a few of the precious items I still need. Well, that's exactly what happened!

An amazing early Ginter collector saw this site, then reached out on eBay with this cryptic message, "Are you still looking for Arod 2006 allen and ginter red ink auto?" Fast forward to today when, via UPS, this beauty arrived safely at my doorstep. The Red Ink chapter is over. I now have both issued that year and we move onto our other final goals.

Exciting times, HAPPY COLLECTING!


(Original post)

At this point, I would just like to see a picture of one! If just to prove that they exist. This is one of those mythical cards that the internet says exists but there is no proof of life :)

Also, yes, I'd love to buy one. I NEED to buy one. If you have one for sale I'd love to make an offer and I will pay generously.



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