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New Year, New Ginter Goals!

It's probably impossible to beat 2022 for my collection but I’m sure gonna try. Let me know if you have any goals this year and we can all help each other!

2023 Ginter Goals

  • 10 more plates (of course!)

  • 20 more framed originals (ambitious!)

  • 12 more 2006 A&G Archives

  • Call 100 shops, digest data and write about it for this blog

  • 10 new blog posts on my site (this is #1!)

  • make my own cards (this will also involve the goal of learning Photoshop) - hoping to not leave this for too late in the year

  • finish unofficial auto checklist backdrop on Instagram (really excited to start posting these!)

Additional Goal

The National? I've never been and would love to check it out now that it's in Chicago - we shall see!

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