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"Opening Day" on March 30th!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

No, not THAT opening day!

For a few years now one of my big card goals was to find a case of 2006 A&G. Notice I didn't say "own". I just wanted to find one! They felt like a myth, an ancient relic that I would only hear tales of from other collectors. That's exactly what it was until late last year.

The way I had it figured out in my imagination is that I would find some old hobby shop owner through all of the networking I enjoy. They think they might have one from back in the day and once they could find some time to dig through everything they'd give me a call. When I turn 65 I get a call from one of their kids who is clearing out the room now for an estate sale. Morbid but this is mostly what happens.

Nope. It popped up on eBay. On EBAY of all places! From there, I tracked them down on Instagram, made a deal and I'm now the owner of a full case of 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter.

One thing I can't allow is for this case to sit here until I'm too old to enjoy opening all of these amazing packs. SO, on March 30th at 6pm pst I'll be opening up a few of the boxes for a fun "Opening Day" event live on my Instagram - @ginterfoldfever

The plan is to start with 3 boxes and then I will most likely just have 4 different events and open 3 at a time.

For this first one I'll be joined by Adam Gandolfo (who I wrote about in my last post), an ex-Topps Photo Touch Artist, who worked on this set!

I hope you can make it!


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