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Pre-Production Allen & Ginter Items - the True "Cardifacts!"

Updated: Apr 22

Ever watch American Pickers? I love that show. My favorite episodes are the ones where they unearth actual preproduction items for these collectibles that people love.

Why? Because these are true artifacts ("cardifacts" from now on 😂). And more rare than any part of the actual release.

For the most part, they really should no longer exist. These are usually test pieces or replacement items that should have been destroyed. This makes them even better!

I've been lucky enough to find some meaningful items like these. I have an uncut Mickey Mantle promo sheet that has been folded twice. I have a damaged, but complete, set of EXT woods from the 2006 A&G set. They make the entire collection better because they represent the first iterations of the final product. And I think the damage makes them even cooler. Or maybe that's just me justifying the price 😳

  • Have you ever found anything like this for your collection?

  • Do you feel like they're as collectible?

  • Does it matter to you that they're not part of the official release?

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