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The Unofficial Framed Auto Checklist

At some point in my obsession (probably when I was so damn tired of trying to complete the official auto set) I started to think - what if I could put together an actual set of framed autos of the other subjects in the set? What would that take and how possible would that even be?

This was before I had ever participated in private signings and TTM efforts. There are 295 subjects that, at the time, could be included in such a set. Did I care enough to get that started? The answer came quickly - hells yes. Thus, the Unofficial Framed Auto Set was born.

The mission has been simple - subject signs an A&G back mini (I just thought that would mean the most and not be as impossible as a black border version), I sacrifice a common relic frame (the mini is donated to my daughters collection) by cutting open the top of the frame and tweezing out the old card right before inserting the new one. Voila, a new impossible set is born. And a new way to enjoy and expand the obsession.

I have a little over 90 subjects remaining and, as expected, these last ones will be the toughest. Some of them are folks who just don't sign and live in relative obscurity after their playing days. Some of them are huge stars who won't take the time to sign TTM or through private signings and a few others, the worst kind, charge exorbitant fees for their autographs. So, I wait and work and make connections and hope that one day I can get it done. As with most of this stuff, that's the best part.

Check them out!


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