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Where do you find things?

The path to acquisition can be a tricky thing.

I have a daily regimen. Most of the time I love it but, in true super collecting fashion, sometimes it owns my life. Every day I systematically check different channels at least once. In some cases I check them 50 times a day. Looking at you eBay. I've listed my most common places below in order of success by each channel.

By the way, I highly recommend getting very organized about your channels, tracking successes and setting up a time management strategy to control your cadence on a daily basis.

  1. eBay

  2. Private Networking & Community Building (probably the most underrated channel in the hobby)

  3. Instagram

  4. Auction Houses

  5. Secret Sources (in true collecting fashion I can't give everything away!)

  6. Facebook

  7. Twitter

  8. Mercari

  9. WhatNot

  10. Reddit (semi-worthless)

Am I missing any sources that you'd recommend?

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