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Who are the "Ginter Nuts"???

A mysterious secret society of Ginter loving collectors? Yes, is the answer. But not intentionally. In my experience, people who are obsessed with Topps Allen & Ginter are also either very anti-social, very anti-social media or both. This makes it very hard to find them. So when I do, and when they're open to a conversation, it generally turns into a strong collecting friendship.

So who are we? There are 9 of us so far, only 8 still alive. RIP Tony. (Last year I asked one of the original photoshop artists, Adam Rodoldo, to sign the Crack the Code card he modeled for [Pic in the post] and gave these limited edition auto cards to the Nuts.) Mostly, we all collect something a little different in Ginter. But sometimes we compete for the same things. We're always all just happy that these cards we love end up in the hands of true collectors.

If you're interested in becoming a Ginter Nut, feel free to reach out! We hardly ever talk to each other live and really only communicate through email, text, Facebook or Instagram. Like I said, Nuts are pretty anti-social. However, might be fun to get together one day and maybe rip open a case of Ginter or two!

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