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Why 2006 Allen & Ginter???

Updated: Apr 22

A question I get often as I'm sure we all do about the things we collect. And also the hardest question to answer directly.

Similar to most answers you all give mine has the same themes of love, nostalgia, design aesthetics, etc. But one huge part of it is this - I don't know.

I've long held the belief that as a "Collector" I need to collect something. At times in my life it didn't matter what it was, just as long as it was something. Anything. My mom loves to tell me that I used to collect used chip bags when I was a kid 😂 I've collected movie posters, action figures, pens, pencils, keychains, knives, movies, McDonald's Happy Meal toys, McFarlane Sportspicks, (chip bags apparently) and, of course, baseball cards. Some "thing" needed to be collected. I resisted that realization for a long time and only recently accepted it. It's an obsession this collection. Luckily, it's an obsession that I absolutely LOVE. In the end, after reflecting on everything I had, the only thing that got me truly excited anymore were baseball cards. Specifically, 2006 Allen & Ginter. I've loved this set since it came out and it was an easy choice when it came time to hyper focus.

So I'll try and give an honest answer below for all of the reasons. Maybe this sparks a connection for you, maybe you disagree completely. Either way, I'd love your thoughts!

  • Local connection with LCS owner Jim who helped me find this set. First card I saw was in a grab bag - Randy Johnson portrait card. I've been hooked ever since.

  • I was Huge into the A’s at the time, we had Big Hurt, Zito, Bobby Crosby, Swisher what a team. And their cards that year were perfection.

  • Love the design, love portrait cards,

  • I love old and new mashed together and this set just connected with me. I still remember pulling the Randy Johnson out of the mystery pack and just being completely hooked by this card that I'd never seen the likes of before. Design is an extremely important factor for me!

No matter the reason the love for this set is undeniable. Every time I sort through those cards, pick up another one on eBay, add one into a binder or just organize the collection I still feel the love for this set I felt that first day. That's why I collect!

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