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Ever Seen the Dontrelle Willis Rip Card from 2006 Allen & Ginter?

Me neither!

The biggest mysteries of life are; what happened to D.B. Cooper? How many Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) are there? And has anyone ever seen this 2006 Allen & Ginter Dontrelle Willis rip card??

What are rip cards you ask? Here is a thread on Reddit to help you dive in deeper than I will but, essentially, these are baseball cards you rip to find a mystery mini card inside of it in the Allen & Ginter universe.

Only 10 of these Dontrelle Willis rip cards exist which, naturally, makes it appropriately hard to find but in 19 years I've never seen one of them. NOT ONE! Which begs the question - does it exist? I believe it does but I'd sure love some proof. Know anyone who can help? If so, reach out please and thank you!

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